Media tips

In more than 60 years of experience in the media, The Brack Group's professionals have learned lots of lessons. Here are several guidelines that might make it easier for you to deal with the media and communicate your message:

The Rules of Engagement. Take a look at these 10 guidelines from former U.S. Senate press secretary Andy Brack on ways to make your interviews with the press even better.

How to advertise online. With online advertising being an infant medium that's just starting to walk, we've found there are a few common sense guidelines that will allow you to use the medium more effectively and get more bang for your buck.

12-word newspaper writing course. For more than 20 years, journalist and educator Elliott Brack has been helping people learn to write for newspapers with these tips.

Internet rules for campaigns. If you want a good Web site -- corporate, advocacy or anything else -- you should keep in mind 10 rules we developed for political campaign sites.

15-word sales course. Elliott Brack says if you truly implement the suggestions in four simple rules of 15 words, you'll become a great salesperson. For communications professionals, it's important to follow these rules because if you're not "selling" your message, you're not communicating.

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