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These days, words and images count. Through our years in the media, we've got the experience to help steer your organization, advance your objectives and position you in the marketplace by using proven and new public relations tactics.

If you need help in pushing your message through the media, The Brack Group's seasoned public relations professionals can deliver. Among our board range of services:

  • Public relations campaigns. We've got years of experience in planning and running public relations campaigns that feature development of effective messages, issue research and analysis, visibility campaigns using new and traditional media tools and creative earned media strategies.

  • Public relations tools. We offer a number of public relations tools in the Carolinas and Georgia to help your organization become better-known and more effective:

    • Communications plans (MORE)
    • Press release development
    • Speech development
    • Innovative Web design (MORE)
    • Development of opinion pieces for print media
    • Media training (MORE)
    • Media monitoring
    • Message development.
    • Relationship-building.
    • More. We also can link you to more tools through our relationships with regionally- and nationally-recognized firms to deliver polling, direct mail, print ads, logo development, television advertising, radio advertising and more.
  • Crisis management. No one looks forward to the day when everything will seem to be going wrong. You must expect the unexpected since everyone knows you'll have a crisis sometime. As such, you'd better be prepared. The Brack Group can help your organization plan for crises and manage them with the media when they occur.

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In South Carolina:
Andy Brack
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In Florida:
Kevin Schwartz
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In Atlanta:
Elliott Brack
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In North Carolina:
Betsy Brack
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In Washington, D.C.:
Catherine Brack

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