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The Brack Group's principals edit and produce some publications in which you might be interested:

Statehouse Report. Andy Brack is editor and publisher of South Carolina Statehouse Report, a subscription-based weekly behind-the-scenes research toolkit for keeping a step ahead of what's going to happen at the S.C. General Assembly. It's packed with advance inside information you need so you can be prepared for votes, meetings and interactions with lawmakers. How to subscribe.

"South Carolina Statehouse Report is the most comprehensive newsletter on any state's politics and government I have seen.

    -- Bill Shipp, veteran Georgia political columnist

SC Clips and Georgia Clips. These daily news digests that provide users with news headlines, summaries and links to more than 30 state news sources in their respective states every business day. It's a new way of getting South Carolina or Georgia news on business, stories with statewide impact, politics and opinions.

"The service meets a significant business and detailed news and information from daily newspapers around the state. Thanks for filling an information void."

-- Hank Fisher, former Executive Director, BellSouth

Gwinnett Forum. Elliott Brack edits and publishes Gwinnett Forum, a commentary from community leaders in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Not only does Brack write a twice-weekly column in the online publication, he facilitiates community discussions by providing major county leaders -- government, non-profit, professional and civic -- with a place to publish their thoughts. How to subscribe.

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In South Carolina:
Andy Brack
office: 843.670.3996

In Florida:
Kevin Schwartz
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Elliott Brack
office: 770.840.1003

In North Carolina:
Betsy Brack
office: 919.419.6022

In Washington, D.C.:
Catherine Brack

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