Effective advocacy campaigns use the right strategy to deliver the best outcome. The Brack Group's experience in developing state and federal grassroots and grasstops strategies can help put political pressure at just the right moment so you get what you need. The Brack Group tailors campaigns to build:

  • Grasstops support. We work with you to craft and implement plans to get influential people, organizations and the media to affect public policy. Our grasstops work includes campaigns for America Online, the Markle Foundation and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

  • Grassroots mobilization. Sometimes the best way to get what you need is to mobilize activists to push your message. Our professionals can help you build coalitions, outreach strategies, field plans, online campaigns and more.

    • QUOTE: "[Brack's] digital road diary served as the precursor to the official campaign blog. The blog added the capability of outside comments and blog-to-blog links. Those touched by the candidate, and kept in touch with by the campaign, could now touch back -- and outward to other people -- all in the same software program, and all in the same folksy manner."

      -- From Politics Moves Online: Campaigning and the Internet, a Century Foundation Report by George Washington University Prof. Michael Cornfield, March 2004

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In South Carolina:
Andy Brack
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Kevin Schwartz
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In Atlanta:
Elliott Brack
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In North Carolina:
Betsy Brack
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In Washington, D.C.:
Catherine Brack

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